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Teadit® Style 2127 is diagonally braided from acrylic fibre, impregnated throughout with PTFE-dispersion, lubricated with silicone oil. Style 2127 is a dense, yet soft and pliable packing . The combination of the synthetic fibres, the PTFE-impregnation and the high-temperature break-in lubricant results in a packing with very low shaft wear and outstanding durability.

It is a multi-purpose packing which can be used in pumps, mixers, kneaders and valves in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp- and paper and food industry. TEADIT style 2127 covers a wide variety of media like water, steam, diluted acids and lyes, most chemicals, gases, etc.

It is not suitable for concentrated acids and lyes, oxygen, lacquers and paint.

It is excellent all-round packing for many applications within a plant. Non contaminating, not shaft scouring.

Please note: the colour of the actual product might vary from the image on this data-sheet. Gland Packing Non Asbestos

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